Failure is definitely an option

Failure is part of getting better, at anything. Failures are markers in our journey towards expertise, ones that are often more memorable than the successes. The Boldport Club has many members that are engineers by profession (I am one too!); they are here, I think, for experiencing electronics in a different way that they do in their day-to-day work. My goal is to give them this experience. (See Limor Fried say 'I love these kits. Finally someone is making kits for me', which was delightful to hear.)

While I don't market the Boldport Club for beginners — in fact, I intentionally don't target anyone specifically — I leave the door open for them when they peer in. It is a unique kind of pleasure seeing someone who hasn't done any soldering, or has only dabbled, graduate to surface-mount soldering through Boldport Club projects with the support our wonderful community on our members-only Slack. My goal is to provide these experiences too.

Beginner, expert? The 'contract' is that you accept that there will be failure and that a non-trivial part of the experience will be frustrating (welcome to the life of an engineer!). You'll need to ask for help, embrace failure, share it, and by doing so improve. You will be challenged. I will support you in this process; if you do fail in building a kit and share it with the community so that we can learn from it, I will gladly send you a replacement in order to practice again. That's why you're a member of a Club that cares about your journey.

Saar DrimerComment