An all-PCB solderable
solder spool holder

The completed project, front side

Once assembled SPOOLT will hold one or more solder or other wire spools and will look amazing while doing it.

Make a card spool. A printable PDF is available here.

A SPOOLT with some additional components

The kit contains two rib and six bar circuit boards. Also included is a card for crafting a spool.


It's quite straightforward. Make sure that the pieces are soldered flush with the edges, particularly the bottom two bars so that there is maximum contact with the surface; this helps against the thing moving as you pull on the solder.

The 3mm holes can be used to affix the holder to a surface using screws or cable ties. Here's a PDF for making more card spools.

Further information

SPOOLT is an open source design, as is most of our work. You can find the design files for the hardware and packaging at our GitHub repository. You can edit the design files using our own PCB design open source software, PCBmodE.

The circuit boards were lovingly made by Eurocircuits who also kindly supported this project financially.

SPOOLT was Project #15 of the Boldport Club. If you'd like to purchase a kit, become a member and add one to your order through the shop.

Finally, community contributions for this project are on our community site.