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A circuit board design software with a twist


In order to get the job done just right one needs to develop their own tools. We did just that, and developed a completely new software for designing circuit boards without limits on the visual elements that we can use. It’s called PCBmodE and we’ve been using it exclusively for creating our designs since 2013. It allows us to be as creative as we need to in order to get the exact look we’re after. No other tool would have allowed us to achieve that. Check out our products to see what PCBmodE can do!

PCBmodE is free and an open source software, as are most of our circuit board designs.


PCBmodE is an open source software licensed under the permissive MIT license. We could use your support for continued development. If you like the concept or have benefited from PCBmodE please consider contributing. All contributions will go towards development of PCBmodE, or feeding developers while they develop it.

Any contribution of £30 or above will entitle you to a Boldport Club lifetime membership.