Mitch Feinberg

Boldport did a fantastic job designing and producing working circuit boards for a magazine story for American Marie Claire. We needed to make circuit boards that were very unusual in design under very tight deadlines. They did a perfect job - improving the original sketches, preparing the files, overseeing the execution of the boards as well as soldering the final pieces. The shoot received a fair amount of press, and was widely admired in the industry. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Boldport again.
— Mitch Feinberg, photographer
We engaged Boldport to support us with product development and to help us develop a technical specification. I was struck most by the creativity that went into the production of the specification, with nothing taken for granted. This, combined with punctuality in its delivery, made it a rewarding experience to work with Boldport. I hope to continue working with them in the future.
— Alex Nicholson, Venture Manager
We engaged Boldport to support us with the development of a controller for one of our products. I was mostly impressed by the originality and elegant design. They provided us a unique product of high quality. They were collaborative and patient with our complicated ways of working and very helpful in defining a precise spec, transforming our initial concept into a final and reliable working unit. Working with Boldport was a rewarding experience. We will certainly continue to work with them and be glad to recommend them to others.
— Dr Leo Mendelovici, CTO
We run introductory classes in electronics for children, to encourage them to take an interest in the subject. We were looking for a simple board we could use to teach soldering, but we wanted it to look “different”. Boldport’s design is an elegant design in the shape of a cuttlefish, which a child can easily solder up to make a fully functioning Arduino clone. Boldport provided both the design and oversaw manufacturing of the board. Their work was of the highest quality, and competitively priced. We feel we have a unique product, which is excellent value for money.
— Dr Jeremy Bennett, CEO
Calrec Audio wanted something unique to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary, and as Calrec started with a group of electronic hobbyists designing home amplifiers, it seemed appropriate to commission a small open-source amplifier circuit. Boldport turned that circuit into a beautiful, eye-catching, self-supporting board which we have since used as a DIY give-away to customers, and in several electronics workshops for children. It even has a snap-out key ring! They were very patient with our somewhat idiosyncratic ways of working and were incredibly collaborative, taking that initial concept and transforming it into a piece of art. Boldport have a first-rate ethos, with an emphasis on open-source designs and promoting electronics for all. Moreover, they make it fun. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.
— Kevin Emmott, Marketing Manager

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