PCBmodE Gerbers

PCBmodE can convert the board's SVG layers (namely, 'outline', 'soldermask', 'silkscreen', and 'etch') into the Gerber (aka RS-274X "extended Gerber") format. Below is a PNG of those layers, as they appear in 'gerbv', and a zip file with the four Gerber files.

Gerber files:

If you open the Gerber files with a text editor, you'll notice that PCBmodE only uses the 'G36' 'polygon fill' and 'linear interpolation' commands. This means that all Bezier curves are approximated to line segments, though this will be unnoticed at such a small scale.

I need your help. Please download the Gerber files and open them up with your favourite Gerber viewer to check if they open up correctly and look like they should. (I use 'gerbv' and things look OK.) If you can, please report of any problems in the comments. Thanks!
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