PCBmodE update: better structure, full two layer support

I've just pushed an update to PCBmodE's development branch. This one includes everything that's needed to support both surface layers (that is, 'top' and 'bottom'), but much more significantly, a restructuring of the SVG layers for both footprints and boards.

You wouldn't notice the difference unless you've opened up the SVGs PCBmodE produces in a text editor. It was a bit of a mess, and now it's better. What this restructuring will allow is easier maintenance and addition of features. I've also changed the structure of footprint definition so it's more consistent with how board features are defined. Again, you wouldn't notice anything unless you've edited them; all the footprints in the new push have been refactored to the new style.

As a test for the new features, I've used the 'drills' design. Here is it in PNG and as seen in 'gerbv'. You can download the SVG here -- open it up with Inkscape and press CONTROL-SHIFT-L to turn the layers on and off.

Next on my todo list is adding support for vias and then support copper pours. Also, there are a few areas where processing time can improve.
Saar DrimerComment