New board: 'redditoken'

I've been a lurker on Reddit since pretty much the beginning, and can say that aside from periods of rage-quit that lasted a few weeks at a time, I've been visiting the site pretty much every day. Reddit has a culture that many redditors cultivate; in the early days it was an obsession with Paul Graham, but now it's more about bacon, narwhals, and images of kittens and puppies. This is not a digg at Reddit, simply noting what tends to be prominent on the front page these days ;)

Anyway, I thought of creating a Reddit-themed token. Here it is...

Both sides

top layer
bottom layer

Since the "The alien's eyes are always #ff4500" (orange), if you connect a 5V and ground to the top and bottom terminals/mounting holes, respectively, two bright orange LEDs will light up.

Here's the OSH Park view:

top layer -- a rendering of the board by OSH Park

bottom layer -- a rendering of the board by OSH Park

Finally, a view from webGerber, though I couldn't make the drills appear (again!) I tried real hard.

top layer -- rendered by webGerber

bottom layer -- rendered by webGerber

I already noticed something I should fix; see it too?

I'm not sure that these images reflect well what I imagine it will look like in its physical form. We'll see. Please let me know what you think! I'll probably send this off to OSH Park in the next couple of days.

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