The buggy

A fine specimen

A fine specimen

I was asked to design a cheap and fun badge for the hardware security conference in The Hague. They wanted it in the theme of a ladybird (or ladybug, depending on where you read this from). As I do, I first sketch out a concepts that I think could work.

A concept sketch of the 'buggy'

A concept sketch of the 'buggy'

You'd use two current-limiting resistors per LED as legs, rolled up wire or component leads as antennae, and ordinary or blinking 3/5/10mm LEDs for show. The back side has a CR2032 battery holder for power. The folks have manufactured the badges and my understanding is that they were well received.

I adapted the design for my own, and manufactured a few as well.

There are two 'solder-blob' jumpers that allow powering the buggy through the eyes (instead of from the battery, never both), which can also function as holes for attaching to a lanyard or worn as a necklace ;)

A full photo-shoot of the 'buggy' is here.

Working towards making this board into a kit, I've recently added an ON/OFF switch and made a few visual changes. Here's how the most recent version looks like in PCBmodE/Inkscape

As usual, this board is open source hardware. Get the latest version of the board at the Boldport repo.

Until next time, 'buggy' says farewell

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