News from the Boldport front

A quick update.

Boldport Club accepts memberships


After a few months of planning, we've opened the Boldport Club for people to join as members. For £49 you'll get three projects of our making; you know, the good stuff that we've been making for a while. We're very excited about the potential of the Club, and we hope that you'll join us, along with your friends and relatives ;)

New website

Towards the end of November we released a new version of our website at We've got a new logo, and a better message. Please explore the website, and send anyone who could use 'electronics craftsmanship' our way.

PCBmodE version 4.0

PCBmodE is our own (open source software) circuit design tool with which we design all of our boards. Over the past few months we've implemented new features — most notably, support for multiple layers — and improved usability. Several boards at the repository are compatible with the new version and are a great place to start with the software.

FOSDEM presentations

FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting) is a large, free, gathering for open source software developers, happening next weekend in Brussels. I'll be speaking at the eda-devroom twice; once about PCBmodE and another about the future of EDA. If you'll be at FOSDEM, make sure to let me know and we'll arrange to meet.

Finally, the office move

Our place off of Borough High Street was great, but we needed more space. After a few weeks of searching, I've found what I think will be a great place to work from. It's at the Arch Collective, along-side a laser-cutting and model-making businesses. We're moving in tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to working at the new space. Feel free to come by and say hello!


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