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I've been asked by a gallery in Dublin to design a very large (180x60cm!) circuit board. That is, it needs to look like an 'ordinary' circuit board, just very very large. It will be single sided and will not be functional. We've gone through the preliminaries and have found a manufacturer to work with on making it for us. Now I just need to design the thing! :)

My plan is to stitch together many designs from many sources using PCBmodE. Here's where you may come in. If you have large designs that you can share and that I could freely use, please send them to me.

Whoa. Not so fast. I can't handle all of the formats out there!

Here's the best way to send the designs to me. For each copper, soldermask and silkscreen layer, convert to SVG or PDF using your EDA tool (most should be able to convert to PDF). Black content on white background is best. Label each with 'top', 'bottom', and 'internal-n', where 'n' is the layer number, corresponding to their position.

Send them to with the following statement:

I am the owner of the attached work and I authorise its use by Boldport for any purpose. I accept that I will not be able to revoke this authorisation once it is given.


In exchange for your help, work, and kindness, we will do our best to include your name as contributor next to the piece when it is displayed and on the work's on-line page.


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