What Boldport Club members say...

A few months ago I've asked members — and x-members and everyone else — to fill in a questionnaire. I wanted to learn a bit more about who members are and what they thought about the Club, projects, community, value, cost, etc. The questionnaire is still live if you want to fill it in.

I've also asked those who indicated that they are members to provide a public quote that I could later use on the website. I'm refreshing boldport.club so I just had a read through all of them in one go again. It made me feel really pleased with how the Club turned out, a year after conception. Even more so, it fills me with great joy to know that people appreciate the effort that I put into the work and that it has touched their lives. Thanks to all of you who take the time to write to me about what my work means to you. In turn, that means more than you can imagine to me.

Below are all the quotes that I've received, as I received them. Add more in the comments if you wish.

I never knew a soldering project could be beautiful!
— Happy BPC Member
As someone without any background in electronics or engineering, I was skeptical as to whether the Boldport Club would be fit for me. However, the stunning designs and the pleasure I get from building, documenting, using and even troubleshooting the projects together with other Club members soon made playing with electronics something I’m proud to call a hobby now!
— @Lophification
Boldport Club is the best source for pointless beauty, thought-provoking circuits and plain-old soldering practice in the world. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to experience all that plus the excitement of getting fun stuff in the mail every month.
— krisjaniz
I have long thought about learning more about electronics and this was a great format. The projects have taught me a lot of practical skills and the community is one of the most helpful, open and engaged I’ve ever encountered.
— Calle "Zeta Two" Svensson
I was taught electronics but I have never really understood it. Now I can solder, dimension a low-pass filter, program a microcontroller. This is just the beginning!
— Ronan
The projects are beautiful and so well thought through they are a joy to solder and assemble. Once they are built they are so many ways you can hack on them and play with them. On top of all that there’s a community built around the club with great people.
— Adam Bregenzer
Being a member has been awesome for 3 reasons -
1) I get to keep adding to my collection of PCB art from various designers.
2) I get a fun and interesting electronics kit each month without having to track down missing componants or have to submit files to OSHPark for my own boards. You get everything you need!
3) Its been super cool as a tool to help me teach my niece and other family members about basic electronics (and not so basic), which has been really positive!
— N.Pearce
The Boldport Club’s projects are nothing short of art. As well as teaching me valuable lessons about physics as a student, I really believe they encapsulate the spirit and the essence of kit building.
— Archie Roques — a young maker
You know when you get a vacation, a tropical island where the drinks on the beach come with little parasols? Yeah, me neither, but clever circuit boards are pretty cool, though.
— nocko
The Boldport Club provides a rich and engaging learning experience. I really enjoy receiving the projects.
— KR
As long as I receive the beautiful projects from Boldport I am sure the world hasn’t ended and the good is going to win in the end. Because the projects were manufactured with love and this is what you get to see.
— Member from Berlin
I’m a brand new member so have only just completed my first kit, but what I found irresistible about Boldport Club is the combination of electronics fun and self-education, packaged in an elegant regular monthly project, wrapped in a thriving and supportive community.
— Delighted New Club Member
I know I’ll build at least one circuit that works every month! And, it will look cute!
— whitequark
It’s Art. It’s Fun and it’s a challenge! Be a f**ing soldering electronic hero! :-)
— alias
The best part? Receiving a surprise box in the mail which gives me some quality time with my soldering iron and ends up in a beautifully designed piece of electronics, that even my girl find attractive.
— Toby Aumüller
A little time to myself...
— Anonymous
Strangely shaped boards with peculiar layouts that awaken your curiosity in electronics!
— Marc
As someone not good with electronics, I always learn from these projects and they are creatively designed so I have fun completing them.
— Conor Patrick
As someone just delving into the world of electronics the Boldport projects are challenging but incredibly rewarding. I have been impressed with the high quality and the beautiful design of each project and learn something from every one.
— Anonymous
After looking for solder kits that are beyond the “learn how to solder” ones out on the market, Boldport really helped satisfy my love for kit builds since it’s a unique service.
— Daniel Lukach
Saar offers another Engineering trade off for us to challenge our output. Are we always focused on putting out the cheapest, or smallest products? It’s time we put back form and function in our designs. Saar balances aesthetics in with cost, sourcing, size, scale, power etc. Sure it’s harder but that’s why we call it engineering and when it all falls into place you know it because it ‘feels right’!
— Mike Baranowski
Gained confidence that I can build ANYTHING by hand, even though I have years experience in the field as a professional. Great projects I cant find anywhere else.
— @F4R4D4Y.DC414
Once a month I get an interesting package from Britain that stretches my imagination and skills. After spending a few hours with a hot soldering iron I end up with an elegant bit of kit that I can show to family and friends to puzzle and delight them.
— Shoultz
“Want to finish that board?” “When time and enthusiasm has failed you” “boldport worthy of that center place in the display cabinet” Scratches the itch. The above semi cheesy marketing tag line thing says it all for me... mostly.
— Anything goes...
Ever looked for a DIY electronics kit subscription with projects which are not only cleverly designed, nicely documented but also very artful and sometimes challenging? Look no further, Boldport is exactly that!
— Which ever you prefer. ;)
The best part of the Boldport Club is knowing there are other people just like you out there.
— Alex Hitchins
I love being introduced to new and interesting parts through Boldport Club and the real-world projects they provide.
— @gareth__
Simple, quiet fun and “I built it” bragging rights
— Ted H
For anyone who enjoys building electronic circuits this is a great way to keep in practice and have some artistic conversation pieces you would not be afraid to put on the coffee table.
— Lawrence, Buranby, BC
Beyond the tangible aspects of the club, the (Slack) community adds immeasurable value to the membership. For any electronics enthusiast — be it the experienced professional through an amateur hobbyist — this is much, much more than a kit in your mailbox each month.
— Keith
I’s fun, it’s interesting and you wait for the next project.
— Robert Schwarz
I have the feeling I am part of a very interesting project going on
— GW
Small, but not simple, beautiful shapes in the form of kits that every month will teach you not only electronics and design, but without knowing it, what is to be human.
— Jorge A.
I really enjoy building electronics kits and learning new things. Boldport Club satisfies both.
— Anonymous
BoldPort has taught me that the hardware guys and gals have it just as hard as us software guys and gals... especially when it comes to soldering header pins on straight.
— MyztikJenz
The Boldport Club is a community of engineers and makers who appreciate the beauty of design hidden inside the devices that make our lives easier and more efficient every day. If you enjoy looking inside computers, taking apart phones, or fixing appliances, the Boldport Club might just be the place for you.
— Corey Shuman
Even practising engineers feel a disconnect between creative arts and technical work. The Bolport Club serves as a reminder that these are two sides of the same coin.
— Domenzain
A confluence of art, design, science humor and whimsy from an imaginative maker. Tinkering for fun, knowledge, and blinkly stuff. There’s a blurb for your book jacket.
— Zeke from Philadelphia
As a hobbiest, the regular high quality kits are a lot of fun to assemble and it is very fulfilling to receive a steady stream of projects to complete.
— merk
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