PCB art

Circuit boards are a wonderful medium for creating art. Saar drew art on card and then converted it to a circuit board. Here's what he says on a card that comes with the art piece:

Top side of the card that comes with the art piece

Hello there!

I've been doodling and drawing all my life and been meaning for a long time to create a piece of art only with circuit board materials and manufacturing process. It's finally done! Enclosed is a circuit board art piece that I designed — you have one of 580 from a limited edition run.

It's called 'Dreamer', featuring many doodling elements that dominate my notebooks since forever.

I started it by drawing on card using fine pens, scanned it, and then traced it to vector form. Finally I converted it to a PCB form using Inkscape and
PCBmodE. I've added some artistic features and textures to exemplify this PCB+art hybrid. My friends at Eurocircuits created prototypes and manufactured it beautifully (2.4mm FR4, 35μm copper foil, two-pass soldermask with gold finish).

I hope that this piece-of-art-for-the-discerning-individual could adorn the wall of your workshop, cubicle, home, or doomsday bunker, and be a conversation starter. Send me a picture please ;)

All the best,
London, May 2018

The PCB is 129x92mm in size.

Bottom side of the card that comes with the art piece

Bottom side of the card that comes with the art piece

Further information

Dreamer was Project #27 of the Boldport Club. If you'd like to purchase this art piece, become a member and add one to your order through the shop.

The PCBs were lovingly manufactured by Eurocircuits. They have sponsored the project by manufacturing prototypes and offering 'production' manufacturing at a reduced cost.

Community contributions for this project are on our community site.