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A battery replacement soldering kit

Juice is a battery replacement kit for use in prototyping and when you're out of battery juice.

It comes as a single panel that breaks out to six assembled batteries (two AAs, two AAAs, one CR2032, and one A23). The main board can be configured to provide three fixed voltages (1.5V, 3V, or 4.5V) or an adjustable voltage output. The kit comes with a cardboard enclosure that can be cut, folded, and glued to create a lovely tuck-box for storing the assembled pieces.

Juice was project #12 of the Boldport Club.

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What’s included

Here is a list of components that come with the kit

A PDF of this infographic is available here.


An infographic with assembly information is provided available here. A few things to note:

  • When The Chooser isn't connected the output voltage will be the same as the input voltage. This could cause problems when removing The Chooser while having a high voltage on the input and the target device can't handle it.

  • The USB socket is hard to solder. To make it easier, break off the three middle pins (they're not connected on the circuit anyway) and that makes soldering easier. The USB socket is optional, as it is only an alternative power source, so if it's not soldered on, it's OK.

  • To avoid power contention never power the board through the USB and the side contacts.

Most components have an alternative SMD footprint so one could build the circuit with SMD components instead of the ones supplied.

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