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A tribute to analogue design master, Bob Widlar

The Fairchild μA723 voltage regulator is not at first sight a particularly exciting integrated circuit. Designed by the legendary Bob Widlar and released in 1967*, it should have followed the majority of its contemporaries and faded from supplier catalogues and parts lists during the 1970s as it was superseded by more capable devices. Instead it has persisted, and five decades later it can still be found in the product lists of several semiconductor companies.

This project is a tribute to the chip's designer and its legacy.

* After the release of our project, doubt has been cast on whether Widlar has actually designed the μA723. Wikipedia has more.

Widlar was project #21 of the Booldport Club.

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Assembly and usage

Jenny List has written a comprehensive guide to Widlar's μA723 in context of this project. Please follow her guide for the interesting things that this chip and board can achieve.

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