The GRAND sale

Woop! We’re having a GRAND sale!

We’d like to reach more people who would enjoy our take on electronics and join our wonderful Boldport Club community (we hang our on Discord). What better way to do that than a grand sale? ;)

Until Monday April 29th you could have our wonderful products at a substantial discount. Once they’re gone, we won’t make more.


15% off orders up to £59

30% off orders between £60 and £199

50% off orders of £200 or higher


One emergency kit and one StickerCAD
for every order above £50 (after discount)


Become a Boldport Club member
for every order above £30 (after discount)

Enter the discount code at checkout

Enter the discount code at checkout

Visit our shop and then use the above codes at checkout.

We’ll be discussing stock levels and the sale in general on #grand-sale-19.

Some notes:

  • Discount is on top of items already on sale.

  • Discount codes don’t stack (obvs).

  • The discounts do not apply to shipping.

  • Make sure that you use the right code for the amount of your purchase because we cannot adjust it later.

  • We ship every two weeks.

  • The sale ends on the April 29th at midnight, London time.

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