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Seven segments from individual LEDs

Seven segment displays are and have been very common in electronics. Usually, the 'seven segments' are encapsulated into a single component, with a common anode or cathode and seven (sometimes eight for a dot) control lines.

With our 3X7 project you'll construct a three-digit seven-segment display from discrete components. There are three control lines, one for each digit, and the seven segments are multiplexed.

The LEDs themselves shine though a thin 1mm PCB.

3X7 was project #28 of the Boldport Club.

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What’s included

Thanks to Toby Electronics for providing us with a great price for the rectangular LEDs.

Assembly inforgraphic | PDF


This project is a challenge to construct. Take your time. Assembly instructions are provided in the infographic. Make sure to be grounded to avoid static damage with the FETs, and to test them before and after soldering them.


We're fortunate that LuckyResistor has written a driver for 3X7, which can be used with an Arduino Uno or ported to other devices. The code can also be extended to control more digits.

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