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Measure capacitance the old-school way

Capaci-meter uses two classic decade-counters, 555 timers, and LEDs to measure and display capacitance.

We were fortunate to collaborate with Jez Siddons on this project. Jez designed this nearly-exact circuit in 1984 as a high-school project! It is still elegant and impressive as it was back then, we think. Later, he founded PEAK where he continues to designs and manufacture professional electronic component measuring equipment.

Capaci-meter was project #31 of the Boldport Club.

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What’s included

You’ll need to supply the battery and test wires.

Assembly and usage

Jez has kindly created all the thorough materials for this projects! Here’s the schematic and bringup guide, and a brilliant user-guide for background, usage, and theory of operation.

Pay special attention to R1-R4 and R1'-R4' so that they are fitted correctly.

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