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A resistor decade box in pots

A ‘decade box’ is a simple instrument for easily changing values of components during prototyping. ResPot is a fancy resistor decade box where values are set manually using a wire.

ResPot was project #30 of the Boldport Club.

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What’s included


As you can see we supplied five PCBs and six different resistor values. Depending on which range you decide to use, you can get 1-99,999Ω or 10-999,990Ω.

You actually only need nine resistors per PCB, so there’s one spare. Enjoy. On the ‘copper’ side of the board you can see how the circuit board and holes are connected. Use that to determine how you’d like to connect the LEDs. You can choose to have either side be the ‘front’.

The value of the resistors we supplied you are accurate to 1% of the ‘ideal’ value. That error will either stack up cancel out depending on the direction of the error. This deviation from the ideal value is noticeable particularly in the higher values, of course, but ‘parasitic’ resistance (from the wires mostly) are more noticeable at the lower values.

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